In a bid to streamline traffic at Koti junction and Secunderabad Railway Station, the traffic police are planning to implement one-way traffic systems at both these places. However, owing to the infrastructural bottlenecks, authorities are planning to implement the plans on a trial basis to study the effects of one-ways.

A blueprint for one-way at Secunderabad Railway Station is ready, but the existing road congestion might create problems as St. John junction, Clock Tower junction, Secunderabad Railway Station and road near Gurudwara already have heavy traffic, Additional CP (Traffic) C.V. Anand said.

“We are looking for viable alternatives and will impose one-way, at both Secunderabad and Koti, on a trial basis soon,” he said.

Authorities also have doubts regarding the one-way initiative at Koti junction. They were sceptical about the strength of the causeway between Kachiguda and Chaderghat to sustain increased traffic volume.

“Imposing one-way traffic is a better way to decongest crowded junctions and roads in the city. However, we are still weighing the feasibility of these plans here,” Mr. Anand said.

The traffic police is also engaging public over these issues. They have asked people to give their opinion on their Facebook page and got some valuable tips too.

While some welcomed the initiatives, others pointed out the practical difficulties and suggested alternative plans. Majority of the people said the congestion at Secunderabad Railway Station is mainly due to the presence of petty vendors and pedestrians and providing an alternative for them would decongest the roads. Other suggestions included drastic steps like shifting the Midhani, Dilsukhnagar and Uppal bus stops towards the Bhoiguda entrance of the Secunderabad Railway Station.

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