Peak hour traffic snarls have became a thing of the past at Krishnanagar following introduction of one-way traffic movement from Krishnanagar ‘T' junction to Venkatagiri bus stop on trial basis.

Though locals were reluctant initially to follow the suddenly imposed unidirectional traffic flow from Thursday, many felt it had relieved them of the frequent traffic chaos in the area especially on the ‘T' junction-Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy stadium stretch. With RTC buses, four wheelers and entire traffic moving in both directions on this stretch, traffic jams had become order of the day.

New routes

As per the newly-imposed unidirectional flow of traffic, vehicles going from Satya Sai Nigamagamam in Sri Nagar Colony to the stadium were not allowed to turn right at the ‘T' junction and had to go towards Venkatagiri bus stop, turn right before Domino's Pizza and turn right at the next lane to reach the stadium.

Vehicles coming from Chiranjeevi Blood Bank side and Road No. 10 of Jubilee Hills were not allowed to enter Venkatagiri bus stop road. Instead they would take the road before Domino's Pizza and join the next lane to reach the ‘T' junction. “Instead of allowing traffic in opposite directions on Venkatagiri bus stop road-Krishnanagar ‘T' junction, we planned a unidirectional circular movement minimising choking of the road,” the Begumpet Traffic ACP, K.M. Madhu, said.

However, traffic flow was not equally smoother all along one-way route. Barricades placed near Domino's Pizza made manoeuvring of vehicles coming from Venkatagiri bus stop difficult.

Some difficulty

Drivers of four-wheelers found it difficult turning right there as oncoming streams of traffic from Chiranjeevi Blood Bank joined them at that point.

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