Cases of swine flu may be few and far between in Hyderabad and elsewhere in the State but health officials sounded a caution on the need to take preventive measures in view of the upcoming flu season and reporting of a swine flu positive case, on Tuesday.

Authorities confirmed that a pregnant woman, Zoya Naaz from Zaheerabad, had tested positive for swine flu and is undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital.

With cases of swine flu on the rise in Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka, heath authorities here have enough reasons to fear that the infection could spread in the State. Already swine flu cases from districts bordering Maharashtra and Karnataka are getting reported in Hyderabad.

Since January, authorities say, 12 cases of swine flu have been reported from districts that share boundaries with other two states.

Till date, since May 2009, when the first swine flu case was detected in the country, 604 positive cases have been detected and treated in the State.

“The flu season has begun and we don't know whether it will be caused by normal influenza virus or H1N1 virus. Pregnant women, children and the elderly should be cautious and should not waste precious time before consulting a doctor if the flu persists,” says Swine Flu Coordinator, Dr. K. Subhakar.

Meanwhile, authorities also informed that Zoya Naaz, who was seven months pregnant, miscarried. The reasons for the miscarriage are yet to be known.

“Against medical advice, her relatives took her from Gandhi Hospital to a private hospital, which was not a notified centre to handle swine flu cases. We have served a show cause notice on the private hospital,” informed district medical and health officer (DM&HO) Dr. Ch. Jaya Kumari.

Health officials have also assured that there are enough doses of Tamiflu drug in both Government and private sector in Hyderabad.

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