Commuters at some of the RTC bus stops are forced to stand in the scorching sun due to lack of shelters

The summer is advancing with increased ferocity with temperatures crossing the formidable mark of 40 degrees Celsius. Traffic is becoming sparse during afternoon hours, and people are constantly on the lookout for cover from the sun.

However, there is certain group of people who are forced to stand under the sun for a stipulated period of time every day, so that they can reach their destinations in time.

Very few bus-stops have even boards indicating the route numbers, let alone shelters strong enough to offer shade to even 10 to 15 people. The situation is evident on the route from Vanasthalipuram to Khairatabad, which has no shelters at quite a few stops.

“I travel every day from B.N.Reddy Colony to Ameerpet, and notice that many bus-stops do not have shelters. Even where there are shelters, they are either too small, or occupied by drunkards and vagabonds,” says Ch. Aravind, a businessman. On his route, the stops without bus shelters include B.N. Reddy, Hastinapuram South, Sagar Ring Road, NTR Nagar, Malakpet, Chaderghat and Koti Women’s College.

Even where there are shelters, they are not used as they are occupied by vendors and vagabonds. Near Vanasthalipuram, people in droves can be noticed standing right on the road, even while the bus-shelter remains empty most of the time. At many shelters, there are no seating arrangements, and at a few others like Chaitanyapuri, the seats are either bent or broken for a long time.

“Another problem is with the drivers of the RTC buses, who do not care to stop near the shelters. For the fear of losing the bus, many people stand on the road, despite a shelter being available,” notes K.Srinivasa Rao, a pensioner.

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