The free app encrypts data thus securing one’s messages, apart from enabling the user to combine text and multimedia in the same message

A new mobile messaging app with several user-friendly features, including encrypted security, was recently launched by a Chicago-based IT firm Media Systems, which was set up by two Non-Resident Indians.

The Xpress App works on the iPhone, Android and Windows based phones. Currently available on the Apple store and Google Play, the app would be launched on the Windows store on July 5, Media Systems CEO Gopinath Addanki said.

Mr. Gopinath, who hails from Addanki in Prakasam district, said the app would be available free of cost for a year and subsequently for an annual subscription fee of $1. However, it would be a paid service for government and private organisations as the app would be customised for them with additional security features.

He said the Xpress App’s USP lay in the fact that data was completely encrypted. Although it was a social networking app, security and privacy were the cornerstones of this app.

Another unique feature was that it combined text, pictures and multimedia in the same message. It also allowed for multiple threads of conversation with the same person. For instance, a jewellery conversation and a recipe conversation with the same person could be done separately, Mr. Gopinath said.

The web-to-phone messaging feature enabled the user to cut and paste text.

“We are planning multimedia-sending capability from web-to-phone by August,” he added.

Jensen George, another NRI, is the co-founder of Media Systems.

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