Come Monday and the South Central Railway will have up and running an app that gives real-time information on the running of all 121 MMTS trains operating in the twin cities.

There will also be another module, with an app to communicate real-time running details of passenger, mail and express trains that include the 230 services that touch Secunderabad, the 125 from Kacheguda and 105 from Nampally.

A third module gives general information to passengers, like cab services and the location of hospitals, hotels, including the distance involved from the railway station.

The IT-enabled Service has been christened HYLITES (Hyderabad Live Train Enquiry System), a mobile app that makes use of GPS and GPRS technology. HYLITES will be inaugurated by SCR General Manager P.K. Srivastava on Monday afternoon, after which the app will be available for download on Android platforms.

How it works

As and when a train crosses a station, a GPS module on board would pick up the coordinates and pass it on to the SCR server, from where users would be communicated the information, a senior officer said. For example, a passenger who wished to know about train movement from Begumpet to Secunderabad would only need to send his query to get a list of trains approaching Begumpet and their ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), right from its starting point, whether it was Hyderabad or Lingampalli.


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