Likeminded professionals are pursuing their interests together in films, photography, music and other arts

Descending on the city of pearls with their laptops in tow, these techies could soon carve a niche for themselves outside their respective cubicles. Proving that there is more to weekends than just partying or watching movies, many non-local corporate employees have been pursuing unconventional and interesting passions, ultimately adding vibrancy to the local culture.

“There is a popular belief that IT professionals are oblivious of the current affairs and happenings around them. I wanted to change that impression along with a few other likeminded persons,” says A. Ashish, a software professional from Visakhapatnam, an active member of Forum of IT Professionals Film Club.

The screening of art and offbeat movies with a strong social message, mostly on weekends, at clubs is slowly catching up with the corporate crowd. “We are working towards involving more professionals for these screenings. After the screenings, we also have a discussion session where we talk about the movie and the issues revolving around it.”

Disappointed at not finding any photography club in the city, Rahul Basu, a software engineer from Kolkata, started a photography club with likeminded persons. Within a year, the club has attracted 2000 members. “During weekends and holidays, we venture out in a group to a particular location and indulge in photography. We have also been holding photo exhibitions taken by our members and upload them on social networking sites.”

Moving into a new city has not dampened the spirit of this young bass guitarist from Mumbai who lives in Madhapur. Aditya Patwardhan, a knowledge analyst with Deloitte, formed his own music band “Luminum” which recently performed in an upmarket restaurant on December 31.

“We perform at least once or twice a month in various pubs and restaurants in twin cities. This is something I enjoy pursuing parallel to work. It is fun as I get to meet new people and it keeps me busy over the weekends as I do not have a family here.”

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Yograj Verma, an IT professional, keeps himself busy spreading peace and well-being through a spiritual organisation.

“I have become a positive person because of my involvement with yoga, mediation and other programmes. It is also a satisfaction as I help others through my services. This is also a healthy way of networking and making new friends,” he adds.


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