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“No specific documents required for a visitor’s visa”


I am currently in the U.S. on an H-1B visa and would like invite my parents for a few weeks. My father is a government employee, so what are the documents required from his end for the visa interview? Does he also need to submit any advance absence work letter for the time they wish to spend in the U.S.?

Suresh Gundapuneni

There are no specific documents required for a visitor’s visa.

During the interview, we look at the overall circumstances for each applicant to determine their qualifications for a visa.

Please visit to see how to apply for a visa and schedule an appointment.

My wife and I obtained family-based permanent resident cards in 2005 that were valid until July 2015. We returned in August 2008 (after obtaining travel document form I-327 with re-entry permit for two years) with the intention of returning to the U.S. but could not as my wife had to undergo treatment. Are we eligible to apply for renewal of our permanent resident status?

K.P. Rao

Decisions about permanent residency status fall under the authority of the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS).

For any case specific inquiries on permanent residency cards or re-entry permits, you will need to contact the USCIS unit at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi at

I am currently pursuing my B.Tech course and my research paper has been selected for an international conference that is being organised in California. What class of visa should I apply for?

Shiva Sai

You should apply for a visitor’s visa (B1/B2), which is intended for temporary tourist or business trips.

You can visit the website to see how to apply for a visa and schedule an appointment.

I have completed my master’s in economics and business administration through a distance education program and have ten years of work experience. Am I eligible to apply for an L1 or H-1B visa?

Ravi Jayam

You cannot apply for an L1 or H1B visa on your own.

Both require you to have an employment relationship with a company, i.e., you are already working for or have an offer from a company that needs your services in the U.S.

The company then needs to file a petition with the Department of Homeland Security.

Once the petition has been approved, you can apply at the U.S. embassy or consulate for the appropriate visa. For additional information, please visit the website,

My company has processed my H1 visa and now I would like to apply for an H4 for my wife. My wife is physically challenged; will there be a problem when we apply for her visa? Also what documents do I need to provide to process her H4 visa?


To schedule a visa appointment, you should visit the website If your wife is unable to attend the visa interview alone, you can request to accompany her by writing to Please visit for more information on documents required for the visa interview.

I was on an F1 visa that expired in December 2012 but my OPT is valid till July 2013. I had to return to India recently as my father expired. I wish to continue with the company I was working for until the end of my OPT status. Do I need to come again for a visa interview or am I eligible under the interview waiver program?

Mahesh Nalla

Please visit the website and review the Interview Waiver Program (IWP) ‘Dropbox’ Checklist. If your answer is “Yes” to the list of IWP eligibility questions, then you may submit your application under IWP. As noted in the requirements for the IWP, however, you may still be asked to come for an interview if the consular officer requests it.

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