The rapid pace of development in the suburb has been without much planning

It’s spread over 85 square km. It even has a municipality and is counted as a ‘preferred’ destination for middle class families in the city.

The erstwhile quaint suburb has witnessed a rapid pace of development, albeit without much planning. A concrete jungle that replaced the lush green agricultural fields in the area has indeed stubbed the possibility of developing parks in the area.

For want of open areas, residents of Malkajgiri are forced to utilise the only available open spaces in the area, the railway platforms for their morning walks. But if you thought that parks are for the elite, there are no public play-grounds nor are there any public libraries here.

“This is a thickly populated area without any breathing space,” P. Shyamala a resident of Malkajgiri rues.

The only park that is available for people here is the Safilguda Lake Park, but that is too far for many to visit it regularly, she points out.

When asked, civic authorities wash their hands off saying that permission for colonies were given earlier and nothing could be done on that issue now.

“Colonies came up in Malkajgiri when it was still outside the purview of GHMC regulations. It is impossible to procure land to create a park here now,” a senior municipal official said on the condition of anonymity.

However, residents opine that the authorities are just trying to shirk their responsibility.

“The main problem is official apathy and lack of imagination on their part. If there is no space left for building parks, how about providing libraries or other such public amenities instead?,” M. Sheshagiri, another resident questions.

People still flock to this area as accommodation is cheaper here and with a little attention from the authorities this area can regain its lost allure, he maintains.

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