The South Central Railway (SCR) would shortly be introducing new coaches in more trains which are longer than the conventional ones. These new coaches developed by Linke Holfmann Busch (LHB) would help the railways accommodate more passengers.

The new air conditioned coaches, two meters longer than the normal ones, will have more berths. These coaches are designed to withstand a speed ranging from 160 to 180 kmph as against the normal coach speed of 110 kmph.

Railway officials said these coaches were already introduced in Duronto trains in Secunderabad division and Shalimar Express recently. The plan now is to introduce them on Nizamuddin Express very shortly, M. Amarendra, Chief Rolling Stock Engineer, told a press team which was taken on a tour of coach maintenance depot in Secunderabad.

The new coaches, each costing about Rs 1.20 crore, have a variety of advanced features including axle mounted disc brake system. Another distinctive feature is the controlled discharge toilet system which helps discharge at predetermined speeds to help station cleanliness.

SCR is now deploying a supervisor on board the train whose journey time is more than 16 hours to take care of cleanliness of the coaches. This onboard service is to be extended to more trains shortly. Authorities said passenger could text any complaint to 81212-81212.