A video camera at the entry of a business establishment can just record the images of vehicles entering the building and when an untoward incident happens, the footage is useful for a post-event analysis.

But now here comes a video-analytics software which can grab the registration number of the vehicle from the video footage and compare it with the database of wanted vehicles.

The software Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), developed by SenSen Networks, an Australian-based company co-founded by Subhash Challa, a Hyderabadi, was launched in the city by Commissioner of Police A.K. Khan on Monday.

Currently, security staff at star hotels or malls have been manually recording the registration number of vehicles driving in, but the Automatic Number Plate Recognition software which uses video cameras at the entry points or parking lots can automatically grab the registration number and make an entry in the database. The system would compare the number with the list of wanted vehicles and generate a real-time alert.

Company Director (India Operations) V. Ajaya Kumar said the ANPR can operate in all climatic conditions and can read number plates of over 300 vehicles per hour, despite the number plates being written in different fonts, colours and backgrounds. Since the Automatic Number Plate Recognition is web-enabled, the database can be accessed from anywhere.

At Hotel Green Park

The ANPR was installed in Hotel Green Park and was found to be working satisfactorily. The system is on the offer for Rs.6 lakh, according to Mr. Kumar.

After launching the system, Mr. Khan stressed the need for creating awareness about the benefits of security related gadgets.

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