The new political party, Mana Hyderabad Party, seeks Union Territory status for the city.

A new political party Mana Hyderabad Party is being floated with the sole intention of protecting peace and tranquillity in the State capital in the wake of region-based agitations and other disturbances.

Common man in the city is troubled by frequent bandhs and agitations by political parties in the name of separate Telangana and United Andhra, argued party president Mekala Vishnuvardhan Reddy on Monday. The main objective of Mana Hyderabad Party was to promote the brand Hyderabad and safeguard its cultural, social and economic stability. The party will neither be pro-Telangana nor United Andhra but would demand for a Union Territory status for Hyderabad, said Mr. Reddy, who is also an aviation consultant.

He claimed students, entrepreneurs, professionals and others had already enrolled themselves as party members. As an initial step, the party members conducted programmes at different venues disclosing the party banners and placards.

“We are in the process of registering the party with Election Commission and right from local body to Parliament, we will contest all elections,” said Mr. Reddy.

Mana Hyderabad Party would back all developmental projects, including Metro Rail in the city.

Playing the heritage card and citing different reasons, many parties and organisations were trying to obstruct such projects, which could make life easy for a common man, he added.

Political parties were conducting pro-Telangana and United Andhra agitations with vested interests. So much so, they were extorting money from corporate companies and threatening them by opposing respective projects, said party vice-president Khalid Rasool Khan.

Agitations and demonstrations should be conducted in a peaceful manner but not at the expense public property like buses and trains.

The government should implement “zero tolerance policy” towards all kinds of violence and save Hyderabad from these undemocratic practices being adopted by parties, demanded Mr. Khan.

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