Little awareness and the possibility of State bifurcation have led to early hitches in implementing the High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) system

It’s only a week since the High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) were made mandatory for new vehicle owners, but problems in implementing the system have cropped up already.

Many vehicle owners have not been collecting the mandatory proceedings – a document that certifies the allotment of a registration number, among other details – from the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) offices. Reportedly, not many are aware of the rules. Moreover, officials feel vehicle owners could also be adopting a wait-and-watch policy as they would have to affix new number plates in the event of State bifurcation.

The procedure

After applying for the registration of a new vehicle, owners should obtain the proceeding, which is generally given the next day from the respective RTA office.

They should then visit the HSRP Counter so that the new number plates may be affixed to their vehicles. Each person is allotted a particular time slot, as the making of the number plates consumes some time.

However, due to lack of awareness, vehicle owners have not been collecting the proceedings from the RTA offices – more than 450 of them have piled up at the Khairatabad RTA alone, say officials.

Every day, about 100 new two-wheelers and 20 new four-wheelers are registered at the Khairatabad RTA. The proceedings are issued either the same day or the next day. However, not many vehicle owners were turning up to collect them, Joint Transport Commissioner T. Raghunath says.

Similar stories are being reported from other RTA offices in the city and neighbouring Ranga Reddy district.

“We are planning HSRP helpdesks in our offices very shortly to create awareness among vehicle owners,” Mr. Raghunath said.

Political developments

On the other hand, auto unions and others are demanding the mandatory installation of HSRP be kept in abeyance in view of the current political developments.

“Debate is on in the Assembly over the A.P. Reorganisation Bill. At this juncture, it would be wise if the government stops the process because if Telangana is formed, vehicle owners would have to fix new registration number plates again and this could be additional financial burden for vehicle owners,” points out Telangana State Auto and Trolley Drivers Union Greater Hyderabad unit organising secretary M. Dayanand.

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