There is always a possibility of accident if super bikes are driven on roads not made for them

To curb the menace of racing on roads, there is a clamour among many that racing should be legalised and the government encourage construction of racing tracks in Hyderabad. “Youngsters will keep flouting rules till the government comes with a specific direction. There is a need to provide racing tracks like go-karting tracks. Racing tracks can generate revenue for the government and persons who manage them. Such unique ideas are needed to save lives of youngsters,” feels Sandeep Singh Sokhi, owner of several sports bikes.

And there is no way such bikes can be driven on these roads in Hyderabad,” says a superbike owner in Hyderabad, when asked to comment on the Sunday's accident.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000, which Ayazuddin was driving, is capable of crossing 250 kmph mark. At such ‘demonic' speeds on a road that is not meant for a superbike, accidents are waiting to happen, experts assert. And yet, ardent bike-lovers agree that, Hyderabad ranks among the top four cities, others cities being Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, to have a large number of sports bikes.

Super bike owners in the capital maintain that high speed machines are meant only for race tracks. “Such bikes are designed to race in a controlled environment. A race track will protect the rider in case the bike skids because the tracks have tyres and other material to decelerate the skidding. Hyderabad roads are unfit for super bikes,” says V.V.S. Ram Kiran of Deccan Heritage Automobile Association.

Many have also felt that the need to train bike owners on the fundamentals of handling a super bike. It is the failure to understand the basics of high-powered bikes that has lead to the unfortunate accident of teenager Ayazuddin, bikers maintain.

Several superbike owners argue that government generates revenue through taxes by making super bikes available in the market. But it is not providing infrastructure needed to drive or test these speed machines.

“Authorities have to bring together racing clubs and organise interaction sessions with experts on handling super bikes. Number of superbikes will continue to increase in Hyderabad and authorities have to realise this fact,” they maintain.

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