Thousands employed in IT and hospitality sectors

The apprehensions of attacks might have forced some people from North Eastern States to leave the city, but a large chunk of them employed in hospitality, IT and security sectors still feel Hyderabad is the safest place.

There are thousands of people from NE States comprising Nagas, Kukis, Assamese, Mizos, Manipuris and others pursuing higher education and involved in research work in addition to working in the government and private sectors. In the private sector, they are mostly employed in hospitality, IT and security sectors.

Concerned over the panic wave that seemed to be sweeping the community, representatives of the various North Eastern States associations met at Centenary Baptist Church in Secunderabad on Thursday evening to take stock of the situation. The meeting was used to reassure the communities that there is no need to worry.

Worrying parents

“We have been getting calls from our members about some reported incidents. We verified and found them to be false,” says a Pastor hailing from the North East who attended the meeting.

“Rumours such as software professionals from North-East have been asked to go back in Bangalore are worrying people here. Should we stay here, ask students who have come recently. Isolated attacks covered by media are worrying their parents,” points out Dr. Martin Chhangte of Hyderabad Mizo Association (HMA).

But the elders are determined to quell apprehensions. “We don’t want the rumours to spread. I have been living here for last 25 years and I don’t plan to go anywhere,” says a representative from a Manipuri association in the city.

“I have friends in the city and have been invited to Iftar parties. When we spoke to Mr. Dothanga, the HMA president, and former Addl. DGP he said there was no reason to worry in Hyderabad. We have given a general advisory to our members not to move out after sunset as anyone can take advantage of the situation,” Dr. Chhangte added.

“I have been living in Alwal for the last ten years and there has been no problem whatsoever. We don’t want the rumours to escalate into any ethnic or communal issue,” affirms the Pastor.

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