IT employees who feel their managements handed them a raw deal during appraisals, are taking to the social media to tell the world of the ‘injustice’ meted out to them

With appraisal season on, software employees in the city’s IT corridor have been looking forward to good news. But those who found their pay cheques static and their promotions stalled have turned to the social media for solace.

Confession pages of various IT and software firms on Facebook are dominated with posts by disgruntled employees telling the world of the injustice meted out to them inside their office cabins. Some have even compared their managers to politicians preparing for the upcoming elections.

“…employees get cheated by managers just as innocent voters get cheated by dirty politicians,” reads a confession note by an employee on the TCS confession page.

Some of those who confessed have earned sympathetic replies too.

“My manager openly warned me like – ‘you have seen better of mine; now you will see worse. I will not release you and I am also interested in your next year rating (sic)’”, was what a post on the Infosys Confession page said.

Some said managers had their favourites, and it was more of obsequiousness than hard work that mattered.

“The appraisals were completely biased. We should remember that more than hard work, your loyalty towards your boss gets you [a] good rating,” posted a female employee on one of the pages early this month.

A regular follower of the confession pages of IT firms on Facebook, B. Rohit who works for an IT firm in Gachibowli said, “It is not just employees but also managers who have taken to these pages. Recently, there was a post by a manager of a software firm who apologised for being rude to his juniors.”

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