Stung by the criticism about practicality of imposing a speed limit of 30 KMPH on Tank Bund, the city police sought to clarify that the new regulation was imposed as per Lokayukta’s directive. However, the question of their ability to enforce this regulation remained unanswered.


Currently traffic police is woefully understaffed and unprepared to implement this directive, a senior police official admitted. “The department does not have speed laser guns and other equipment and even if the speed guns are procured, methods have to be evolved to enforce the speed limit on this stretch without disrupting traffic,” he observed.

Motorists, on other hand, were of the view that the latest regulation will face the same fate as the existing ones.

When asked to share their views on The Hindu Hyderabad’s Facebook page, motorists were sceptical of the move.

Traffic police was unable to implement the already existing 40 KMPH speed limit on Tank Bund and instead of imposing another speed limit, authorities should concentrate on controlling the defaulters and crackdown on the practice of overtaking, Rajesh G. Sashittal commented.

Need for infrastructure

Most motorists were of the view that instead of washing-off their hands by imposing regulations, authorities should provide proper infrastructure. “Most accidents on this stretch are because of overtaking and lack of lane discipline. And till the time proper pedestrian crossings are not provided, vehicles, even when moving slowly, could prove to be dangerous for the pedestrians,” another motorist said.

Also, to maintain 30 KMPH, a motorist has to drive in lower gears for the whole distance of 3.2 km, which increases mechanical wear and tear along with pollution, he pointed out, adding that a through overhaul of infrastructure is required to provide a permanent solution for this traffic puzzle.