Modus operandi: How you get cheated


Tampering of electronic weighing machine

Traders can tamper with the electronic weighing machine using mode option button. With this, they can adjust the measures according to their convenience resulting in short delivery of over 100 grams out of each kilogram purchased in a shop. A shopkeeper can also dupe consumers by simply placing the weighing machine on an uneven surface, as accurate measurement can be obtained only if the machine is placed on a flat surface. Once calibrated, the machines should not be shifted to other locations in the shop as the weights displayed by the machines vary when they are moved. Many shopkeepers are seen placing their machines awkwardly either out of ignorance or intentionally.

Jewellery travails

The most frequent violation indulged by the jewellery shop owners is to include precious stone weight in the total gold weight. Customers have to check the bill thoroughly and ensure that the stone weight is deducted from the gold weight. Another way in which a customer is cheated by the shop owners is that he is charged for 22 carat gold even though the gold is of lesser carat value. “An ornament studded with diamonds is usually made with 18 carat gold, but jewellers charge customers for 22 carat gold,” said City Assistant Controller P.S.R.N.T. Swamy.

Alteration of price tags

Several malls are altering price tags using price printing machines. Traders affix a new price sticker on the actual price label printed by the manufacturer and then offer discount on the product to woo consumers. Traders dupe customers by selling the product as per the new price tag instead of actual price as mentioned by the manufacturer and then claim that customer stands to gain due to the huge discount being offered. It is also seen that shop owners often affix their own price labels on blank cartons. It is a punishable offence to alter the original MRP labels printed by the manufacturers.

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