It’s a spirited war between MIM and MBT on the social media. Sympathizers of both political parties are making optimum use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to counter their opponent.

Right from uploading official records to contradict their rivals claim to posting pictures of contestants with TDP and BJP leaders they are trying to keep their rival party in check. About 40 per cent of youth in the old city follow social networking sites.

Over a dozen pages are maintained by supporters of both political parties and netizens in the south of the city follow most of them. The cyber war intensified a week ago after both MBT and Majlis public meetings started evoking good response.

In one of the Facebook posts, the Majlis supporters posted details of votes polled for MBT in Hindu dominated areas of Chandrayangutta constituency to drive home the message of the latter’s popularity amongst non-Muslims. Contradicting it, the MBT well wishers posted RTI documents alleging MIM sought favours from the Government for its support.

“It is good as long as the supporters don’t go abusive,” says Mirza Yousuf, an IT professional. In the last few days, posts about old poll data records, court cases, and information sought under RTI pertaining to old city found its way to the social networking sites giving an insight into the tough battle between two political parties here.

“Many working professionals feel that social media is a good platform to keep pace with the elections,” says Syed Ameen, a medical representative from Charminar.

True to fears of a few people, things have also taken an ugly turn with some posting morphed and old pictures of contestants along with candidates of TDP and BJP so as to counter the propaganda of their rivals. For example, the Majlis sympathisers posted an old photograph of MBT Yakutpura candidate Farhatullah and party workers with TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and calling it a latest snap. However, MBT leaders countered it by pointing Adam Malik in it. Similarly, MBT well wishers posted a few pictures of Majlis leaders with Chandrababu Naidu which the Majlis camp claims to be very old. “It is a bad practice and people should desist from it,” feels a student from old city.

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