Bajrang Dal members and people from nearby localities confront Metro Rail officials alleging that they are trying to relocate the temple

Mild tension prevailed at Sri Hanuman temple on the Sanathnagar road adjacent to the flyover on Tuesday evening, when members of the Bajrang Dal as well as people from the nearby localities confronted the Metro Rail officials alleging that they were trying to relocate the temple.

The activists charged that the Kohinoor Glass Company wall adjacent to the temple was brought down the previous night as a part of the Metro Corridor 1 (Miyapur to LB Nagar) Metro Rail construction works.

On noticing this, a group of activists and local reached the spot and objected to the widening work. After an argument with the Metro Rail authorities, the work was immediately suspended.

Metro Rail officials later assured the irate activists that the temple would not be touched.

A police picket was posted at the site to prevent any untoward incidents.

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