Narrative laced with music and accompanied by dance had sand-art forming an apt backdrop. And then came alive the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu telling the story of evolution.

‘Dasha-Avatara’, on Saturday evening turned out to be a spellbinding show with artistes of different forms coming together and making a presentation simultaneously.

Hydourite 2012

Organised as part of ‘Hydourite 2012’, a series of activities held to celebrate the spirit of Hyderabad, the event had vocalist Anasuya, Kuchipudi exponent Anupama Kylash, sand-artist Kanth-Risa and storyteller Deepa Kiran bringing out their best.

Vishnu’s incarnation

The nearly-90-minute, multi-art-form performance came out with highlights of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations and portrayed them tellingly.

As Dr. Kylash portrayed the stories through her dance, Anasuya lent her singing prowess to ‘Dasha-Avatara’. With Deepa Kiran interspersing them with her precise and effective narrations, the screen in the backdrop came alive with images formed with sand by Kanth-Risa.

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