While some oppose the move to merge the panchayats with the GHMC, citing increase in property taxes, others see it as a step forward in ridding the area of its civic problems

The orders for merging Pahadisharif and Jalpally panchayats with the GHMC have evoked a mixed reaction.

While some oppose the move, citing increase in the property taxes, others see the merger as a step forward in ridding the area of its civic problems.

Right from lack of roads and drainage lines to garbage mounds and water taps that remain mere showpieces, there are problems aplenty here.

Most colonies are deprived of proper drinking water supply network, forcing the people staying on the rocky terrain to depend on borewells

“It is a nightmare during the summer. Instead of going to work, our men spend the day fetching water from different sources,” complains Lakshmi, a local woman. Most of the families buy potable water containers.

“We spent about Rs. 600 a month for buying containers. Low budget remained a problem for the panchayat and it is only compounded by an inefficient administration. We hope things will change after the GHMC takes control,” says Tajuddin, a small-time businessman.

Poor roads

Roads are simply a misnomer in many areas. “Due to improper roads vehicles frequently get damaged inflicting an additional financial burden on us,” laments Amjad, a local businessman from Sadatnagar.

Facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, public libraries and even bus shelters are a rare site here. “We stay just three kilometres from Chandrayangutta, but the civic facilities are horrible,” says Ansari, a social activist.

Many feel authorities should first concentrate on improving the civic infrastructure so as to convince people to shell out a high property tax that would be collected after the merger. “Mainly poor people stay here and they are opposing the move for fear of ending up paying more by way of taxes,” he explains.

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