The two persons, who allegedly attacked the IT professionals, were not the private security guards of actor Ram Charan Tej as believed earlier but members of the Hyderabad police’s City Security Wing (CSW), sources said on Thursday.

Clad in safari suits, photographs showed the two men kicking and punching Phanish and Kalyan, a police officer seeking anonymity said. Their attire was akin to that used by CSW personnel. “This apart, the dress used by private security personnel is also quite different,” the source said.

Moreover, one of these men was seen carrying a wireless set in his hand in another photograph, sources pointed out.

Giving his version of the attack at a press meet on Thursday, Mr. Ram Charan mentioned that he was headed for a family get-together where his father and Union Minister Chiranjeevi was also expected. The actor claimed that the guards were in another vehicle in the front when the duo created a ruckus by rushing to his car.

“CSW men were among the guards who were apparently piloting or escorting the actor. The moment Ram Charan rang up, they rushed to the spot and attacked the two IT professionals,” the sources said. When contacted, CSW officials declined to confirm if the men in the photograph were from their department.

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