Business management colleges seem to have taken the ‘business’ part of the course seriously adopting unscrupulous methods to fill up the MBA seats this year.

Promising everything to the prospective students but education, some of the college managements have lured them into their fold and ensured admissions in their respective colleges through web counselling.

Attendance waiver, cash transfer, smart phones and free internal marks apart from ‘just write the annual exams only’ were some of the lucrative offers!

Scores of students looking just for a degree rather than knowledge fell into the trap as it works out to their convenience as well.

Not surprisingly, most of such students admitted are said to be the beneficiaries of fee reimbursement scheme, higher education officials claim.

These colleges have apparently taken the students’ certificates and web option passwords to enter only their college name in the option list.

Unlike other professional courses, MBA is also opted by regular employees to improve their CVs and also status in the society.

For them staying away from classes and still getting a valid degree is pretty convenient.

“They are getting a degree by neither paying the fee nor attending classes,” said the Director of MBA course of a well-known college.

He has a grouse: reputed colleges insist on attendance, mandatory participation in seminars, submission of assi-gnments and project reports have lost in the race with fewer admissions this year.

“We were surprised to see our seats not picked up while seats in unknown colleges got filled,” he observed. “Such colleges also save money by not hiring adequate number of teachers and also don’t bother about maintaining academic standards even while garnering tuitions fee for the admitted students through the fee reimbursement scheme,” a college correspondent with premises on the outskirts.

The deluge of MBA seats is also the prime reason for these kind of activities. There are 68,598 seats in 839 colleges and of these 19,105 seats are vacant.

Colleges are thus resorting to ‘illegal’ methods to attract students into their fold.

“Universities have to take a serious view of these practices or else the State will suffer both in terms of paying tuition fee for ‘non-serious’ students and the quality of MBA education,” says Varaprasad Reddy, Director of MBA course at TKR institutions.


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