Lord Ganesha is prayed with 108 names and true to his names, pandal organisers in Begum Bazar this year came up with idols depicting different “avatars”. While, few organisations installed, the popular Pahelwan Ganesh idols, some worshipped Lord Rama idols and then there were idols, which were replicas of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Realty angle

The annual hype surrounding Maheswaram Ganesh Utsav Samithi's laddu auction, which was in news for jaw-dropping bid amounts last few years, was missing this year as the utsav samithi did not organise laddu auction programme.

It was boom in real estate business that triggered interest in laddu auction among bidders at Maheswaram. But since last few years, real estate business has witnessed a slump and as a result, residents were not keen in bidding for the laddu. Hence, the samithi decided not to auction, said Shanker, member of Maheswaram Ganesh Utsav Samithi.

Vehicles decked up

Generally during immersion, people tend to focus on idols that are brought in huge vehicles decked up with different materials.

But there were idols in the procession, which caught the eye of people with their vehicles and decoration.

Many residents decked up their two-wheelers with flowers and decorative materials and took out an impressive procession of the idols. Sambasiva Murthy, a priest from Chikkadpally decorated his two-wheeler with plantain leaves.

Kerala flavour

The myriad avatars of Lord Ganesha, that reflect the times in which we live, were the show stealers at Ganesh immersion procession at Tank Bund here on Sunday. At some places, the disciples dressed the affable elephant-headed God in the form of Anna Hazare, fruit Ganesha, Bala Ganesha and even in the shape of Ananta Padmanabha Swamy of Kerala. With the Padmanabha Swamy Temple of Kerala being in the news for the hidden treasures, clearly the theme based around the Kerala temple was the hot favourite among many.

For the first time, the association members of Mahankali Devalayam of Mir-Alam Mandi roped-in performers of ‘Pancha Vaadyam', the famous temple art form from Kerala, which is an orchestra consisting of five musical instruments.

The team of 16 artists from Pallakad, Kerala performed in front of the Padmanabha Swamy Ganesh during the procession. According to the association members of Mahankali Devalayam, the artists from Kerala charged Rs. 1 lakh for the performance.

The Siddi Vinayak Ganesh Utsav Mandal, Chandulal also came up with the replica of Padmanabha Swamy. The idols of the Lord Ganesh were decorated with colourful turbans of Rajasthani style.

Anna effect

Anna Hazare, Jan Lakpal Bill and fight against corruption have become the most favoured themes. Shri Maheswari Yuva Mandal of Chowk Maidan displayed an anti-corruption theme replete with an Anna Hazare Ganesh, the national flag and the ubiquitous sloganeering against corruption.

Telangana issue

The members of Sri Bala Ganesh Mandal of Tappa Chabutara brought-out a colourful representation of the Jan Lok Bill protest and Anna Hazare.

Several associations during the Ganesha immersion procession also highlighted the ‘issues' that have caught the imagination of the general public. Several community members of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and other parts of North India highlighted the issue of anti-corruption. Several other associations decided to showcase the Telangana agitation that has gripped the State.

The members of All Friends Association, Gowlipura in a colourful way outlined Telangana agitation at Osmania University and other parts of Telangana districts.

Traders protest VAT

The tableau of Cloth Merchants' Association used the occasion to express their protest against VAT.

They wore Anna caps, and made a replica of Anna Hazare air their protest to Ganesha. Lord Ganesha was forced to don different roles fancied by the devotees!

Many idols were depicted as Lord Sri Krishna and also Chatrapathi Shivaji. One more had the elephant god depicting none other than Anna Hazare.

There were also processions which featured Anna Hazare alongside Ganesha.


Many colours of GaneshaSeptember 12, 2011

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