His clients, who are mostly share market investors, were after him demanding that he return their money

A man in his late thirties is battling for life after immolating himself near Charminar on Monday midnight.

The person, identified as Mohd. Abdul Lateef, had been working as an operator for a share market consultant M.A. Hafeez, who had reportedly disappeared a few weeks ago after a dispute with his partner. Mr. Hafeez’s clients allegedly started harassing him demanding to return the money they had invested.

Speaking to reporters at Osmania General Hospital, Mr. Lateef charged that a noted criminal lawyer along with some persons forcibly got his signature on blank documents and were pestering him to return them the money. They foisted false cases against his family members too, he alleged.

Charminar Inspector A. Yadagiri said that Lateef, who returned from Saudi Arabia, recently took up a job of operator at a share market firm.

“Initially, he started working with the consultancy, but later he collected money from people by promising good returns. He suffered losses and could not repay the money to his clients,” the Inspector said.

The man was said to be carrying a suicide note before immolating himself. However, the police denied it. Mr. Lateef is a resident of Tadbun in Bahadurpura and has four children.

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