Faith, they say, can move mountains. But with a firm belief in their system, the faithful have literally created a mountain near the capital.

Spread over 150 acres, Pyramid Spiritual Trust is developing a grand meditation centre at Kadtal village on Hyderabad-Srisailam highway, the star attraction of the centre being a 114-foot tall ‘Maheshwara Maha Pyramid’.

Made of steel and concrete, this structure is the biggest pyramid in the world built exclusively to facilitate meditation, V. Lakshmana Rao, a trust member claimed.

“With practice and observation we have found that pyramids have great healing powers. Human body gets rejuvenated while we sleep, but the benefits that a night-long sleep bestows can be gained by just one hour of meditation under a pyramid,” Mr. Rao explained.

To get the benefits of a pyramid, it has to be of exact specifications, Mr. Rao said. The Pyramid is based entirely on steel frame using about 400 tonne steel. This structure was covered with stones over which a concrete coating was applied to give it a final shape. When fully constructed, about 7,000 to 8,000 people can sit and meditate inside this structure.

But while the pyramid looms majestically over the entire campus, the landscape created around it is no less impressive. The pyramid is surrounded on all sides with terraced steps covered with carpet grass and lined with ornamental shrubs.

Apart from the pyramid, the campus also boasts of a humongous kitchen that can cater to more than one lakh people, canopy to accommodate about 50,000 people, a Ground Level Water Reservoir to hold eight lakh liters of water along with landscaped gardens with facilities to take up uninterrupted meditation for a longer duration.

The construction is being taken up at a frantic pace to make the facilities available before December 21, when an expected 1.5 lakh spiritual seekers will converge here. Pyramid Spiritual Trust is holding its ‘Prapancha Dhyana Maha Sabhalu’ from December 21 to December 31. A temporary accommodation for about 50,000 people is also being created for the event, Mr. Rao said.

“After this mega event, we will conduct daily meditation classes which anyone can join. The trust will provide food for both body and soul,” Mr. Rao added.

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