Here is a chance to become the dance master for cine star Allu Arjun. 7UP-- the clear lemon drink from PepsiCo launched an innovative consumer campaign in the State. Titled ‘Click Chesthe Dance Chesthaanu', the campaign uses next-generation technology ‘Augmented Reality'.

Augmented Reality is a term for a live director or indirect view of a real world environment where elements are mixed by virtual computer generated imagery. All that consumers have to do to get a taste of this interactive marketing tool is to buy a 7UP PET bottle with an AR code (a graphic black and white box) on its label.

The consumer then has to log into the 7UP website and place the label in front of a webcam. On doing so, consumers can witness Allu Arjun, the brand ambassador dancing in different styles on their screen.

Announcing the launch of the first-of-its-kind campaign in India, Alpana Titus, executive vice-president-Flavours, PepsiCo India said the aim of the campaign was to create a buzz about the product among youngsters. “Youngsters today are not engaging with traditional media and so we decided to take the campaign to the next level,” she said adding that over 80 million people in the country would be Internet users with almost 65 per cent of them being youngsters.

Mr. Arjun who enthralled the media with his dance moves said he was “honoured to be a part of this novel campaign”.

The campaign would go on for two months in Andhra Pradesh and would be taken up at a national level depending on consumer response here, Ms.Titus informed.

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