Threatens to ‘go against it’ if it fails to check communal tension in Hyderabad

The Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) has put the State government on notice. The party, which is considered an ally of the Congress, threatened to ‘go against the government’ if it fails to check the communal tension building up in the city.

“We have no problem. It is for the government to decide,” remarked Majlis president Asaduddin Owaisi. He was speaking to presspersons here on Monday after attending the meeting of United Muslim Action Committee held at Darussalam to take stock of the recent developments.

Mr. Owaisi refused to elaborate on the point. “You will know in due course” was all that he would say when pressed for details.

Owaisi talks tough

Mr. Owaisi castigated the government and police for inaction and said it was not good for secularism.

Though there were clear indications of communal passions being whipped up by the Hindutva forces, the government failed to read the situation much less act.

“Any government worth its salt should act otherwise one will be at liberty to do whatever needed,” Mr. Owaisi said.


The Majlis leader dropped enough hints about his party’s angst against the administration and said once the Chief Minister returns to the city a memorandum would be presented to him.

Referring to the tension building up in the run-up to Bakrid, Mr. Owaisi wondered how the Animal Husbandry Department could instruct officials to impound cattle. Slaughter of cow was banned but was there a law not to slaughter bulls and bullocks, he asked.

Poser to police

Blaming the ‘communal elements’ in the police for the present situation, he listed out names of 33 police officers who were working in the city right from 1985 and wondered why they were not given posting outside Hyderabad.

The Majlis MP also took strong exception to the attempts to extend the temple near Charminar and wondered why the Archaeological Survey of India was keeping silent when construction within 100 metres of a protected monument is prohibited.

Probe sought

United Muslim Action Committee convenor Abdul Raheem Quraishi demanded a probe into the planned extension of the ‘illegal structure’ at the south eastern corner of Charminar and the role of officials who permitted it. He also sought action against those who prevented bulls and bullocks from being brought to the city.

He further demanded action against police officers posted in the Sabzi Mandi area which was rocked by violence.

“The recent incidents of communal violence is a glaring example of inaction, lethargy and pro-Hindutva leanings of police,” he said.

Mr. Quraishi expressed apprehension of large scale communal violence breaking out if the government failed to check the Hindutva forces. “Don’t test our patience,”he warned.

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