Poll time is promises time . Many are outlandish, some impractical and a few doable. In a bid to win over voters, parties are promising the moon. The Majlis too has come up with a proposal to facilitate marriage of 100 poor and destitute girls every year. The party plans to raise a corpus fund of Rs. 5 crore for this purpose. The amount will be kept in fixed deposit and the income accruing from it will be used for marriage of girls from impoverished families.

This might not sound an attractive offer. But to scores of poor families in the old city who do not know where their next meal comes from, it is quite appealing. The recent marriage of a Yemeni national with two teenaged girls from the old city is said to have prompted the Majlis to think of extending help. The other day in the midst of hectic campaign at Hafizbaba Nagar, Majlis leader, Akbaruddin Owaisi, announced the wedding package.

According to sources the Majlis plans to give shape to the proposal and implement it soon after the elections. The Owaisi brothers, it is said, are extending help for marriage of poor girls in their individual capacity. “The idea is to banish the scourge of dowry which is causing many a poor family to fall into the trap of aging foreign nationals”, remarked a Majlis leader.

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