The view that low-carbon development was expensive is out of date, British Minister for Energy and Climate Change Gregory Barker told a FICCI audience

British Minister for Energy and Climate Change Gregory Barker said there was no contradiction between fast economic growth and a green, resource-efficient model of development.

Speaking on The Economics of Sustainability at an event organised by FICCI here on Tuesday, Mr. Barker said the view that low-carbon development was expensive was out of date. A genuinely sustainable model of development is affordable if approached in a business-like manner In fact, it could actually compete and win against the old economy alternative, he said.

He said resource-efficient low carbon development should be the foundation of any successful and globally-competitive economy.

Mr. Barker said the green model would not hamper inclusive growth, but drive it. “And it will give even more of those in India the exciting development opportunities they want and deserve,” he added.

He said UK wanted to deepen partnership with India and has a lot to offer.

The range of opportunities for deeper cooperation were not just on energy and low carbon, but in the wider sphere of business: from innovative engineering to large-scale financial markets and from widespread retail to large infrastructure projects such as the Bangalore-Mumbai Economic Corridor.

He expressed his deep sorrow and shock at the devastating floods in Uttarakhand and conveyed the British Government’s sympathies to those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy.

Mr. Barker also met State Minister for Infrastructure and Investments Ganta Srinivasa Rao and promised to extend all support from the UK government in encouraging environment-friendly projects in the State.


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