Making use of a laptop, a microphone and a web platform, three Eflu students create their own weekly radio show

Online webcasting has helped three students of the English and Foreign Languages University realise their dream of broadcasting on radio.

All they needed was a laptop and a microphone and web platform to create EFLU Live — an online radio show.

The idea took root when Geo Ciril Podipara, final year student of BA English, appeared as a guest on a chat show on 101.9 FM.

Geo said he was fascinated to see how the show was run and wanted to produce shows himself.

With Joel M. Jacob, a mass communication student, and Tania Sen Gupta, who could not pursue her career as a radio jockey despite being once chosen for a channel, Geo launched EFLU Live.

The show is run for half-an-hour every Friday, with a different theme for every episode.

As for the content, the trio dug into a variety of themes — from promoting campus talent, supporting junior-senior interactions and quizzing random students on their favourite food joints.

Foreign language students are encouraged to introduce phrases from the languages that they are learning.

The trio use Facebook as a platform to promote their show and connect with students.

“It is a bit difficult to manage class assignments and prepare for the broadcast, but in the end the response from students spurs us on. It is an amateurish attempt.

“We are still learning and it is fun doing it,” Joel says. They plan to create their own channel on YouTube and promote activities at EFLU.

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