A sense of insecurity, owing to doubts of an increase in communal tension, looms large in the Old City after the Centre endorsed ‘T’ decision

The decision of the UPA alliance endorsing the formation of a separate Telangana state drew a mixed response in the Majlis-dominated areas in the south of the city even as a sense of insecurity, owing to the doubts expressed in certain sections of an increase in communal tension, looms large.

This belt of the city was witness to many violent communal clashes in the past. However, people are of the opinion that if the government is sincere and tough, the fears will not turn into reality.

Syed Fazil Hussain Parvez, of the Urdu weekly Gawah says, “The common man never fought with each other and they do not have any grudge or animosity amongst themselves. The communal violence is orchestrated by vested interests and people should not give in to the agendas designed to exploit their sentiments.”

A similar opinion is voiced by many people across this once-walled city.

“It is true that there will be tough competition between political parties resulting in communal politics, but people should be cautious about it,” says Syed Irshad Ali, businessman.

Many feel the exercise would benefit the community to a large extent.

“Muslims can expect a rise in percentage of employment both in public and private sector, but they have to be ready to face competition,” Farhan Sumbul, an IT professional observes.

Some feel the creation of Telangana will help youngsters land jobs and enjoy more social and economic benefits in the region.

“The government should make up its mind to provide more social and educational benefits to the Muslims as the community is backward in most districts,” Dr. Mohd Saleem, State president, AP Unani Medical Officers Association feels.

The decision is a start of another struggle for the marginalised section of the society to claim their rights, feels S. Q. Masood, social worker.

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