A 50-year-old man landed behind the bars on Wednesday for allegedly harassing a woman who turned down his son’s marriage proposal, by posting abusive content in her name in a Facebook account.

The arrested person, Rapolu Prabhakar Rao, is a licensed civil engineer residing in Chandanagar after working abroad for several years. His son, R. Sandeep, 22, was working in a software company where he fell in love with a 26-year-old colleague within a few days of joining and even proposed to her, Cyberabad Cyber Crime Inspector S. Jayaram said.

Deserts family

Mr Rao, however, advised his son to drop his marriage plan as the woman was four years older than him. Meanwhile, the woman got married to someone else and went away to Chennai a few months ago. Sandeep slipped into depression over this and even deserted his family.

“While his son’s whereabouts are not known, Rao wanted to take revenge against the woman thinking that his son had left the family because of her,” the Inspector said. He posted the woman’s picture in a Facebook account created with the name ‘Shree Wardhan.’

The accused began posting indecent content and pictures on this Facebook account embarrassing the woman. Following a complaint lodged by her father, sleuths tracked the IP address and found that it was in the name of Sandeep. However, he was not available. Eventually, they found that Rao had posted the objectionable content and arrested him.