Grooming sessions help finalists maintain their hair and skin regime

Lakmé Salon is extending its expertise to the top 20 finalists of Kalamandir “Miss Hyderabad 2011” pageant. Getting perfect knowledge and training from Lakmé Salon experts in hairstyling and skincare will ensure that these finalists become picture perfect.

The grooming session will help the finalists maintain and enrich their hair and skin care regime. The makeover will help them feel confident and perform better at the Grand Finale.

Make-up and styling for these Top 20 finalists will be taken care by the experts from Lakmé Salon -Ms. Zarah Hooda (Lakmé Salon Hair Expert) and Ms. Disha Meher (Lakmé Salon Skin Care Expert).

Zarah Hooda, hair care expert from Mumbai, in a press release said, “It is essential for these gorgeous women to take utmost care of their hair before the pageant.”

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