Traffic police have earmarked the new bridge exclusively for motorists going towards Masab Tank

With the newly constructed bridge at Lakdikapul ready for inauguration on Friday, the traffic police have come up with a blueprint for traffic management at the junction. For this the traffic police have earmarked the new bridge exclusively for motorists going towards Masab Tank.

Traffic flow

The guiding principle for regulating traffic flow at Lakdikapul junction should be to channel motorists going towards Masab Tank on to the new bridge and those going towards Nirankari Bhavan and Khairatabad on to the existing one, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) C.V. Anand said.

Accordingly, motorists coming from BSNL Bhavan and Ranga Reddy Collectorate and proceeding towards Masab Tank will have to take ‘U’ turn at Ravindra Bharathi junction and use the new bridge.

Motorists going towards Nirankari Bhavan should use the existing bridge.

On the Ayodhya junction side a divider will be placed from the end of the flyover till the junction to segregate traffic coming from both the bridges, Mr. Anand said.

Vehicles coming from Red Hills and proceeding towards Nirankari Bhavan will have to take ‘U’ turn before PTI Building. Bus stops at Lakdikapul junction will be retained in the present form as they cater to the requirements of pedestrians, he said.

GHMC officials have been briefed about the required changes in infrastructure to make these plans work and these will be taken up soon, Mr. Anand said. The last remaining bottleneck near Ayodhya junction is also being removed and this will help in the smooth traffic flow, he said.

However, this scheme is just a temporary arrangement and traffic police are still looking for a permanent solution to the problem. “A permanent solution to this problem will be to impose one-way across the area including Iqbal Minar and Ravindra Bharathi junctions,” he said.

The officer added that the traffic police are looking into all possible options to finding a lasting solution.

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