Only one per cent of students turn out to be real leaders who can think out-of-the-box and create magic. To be on top, one should know one’s unique self, go beyond logic and contribute that rare talent to the world, HCL vice chairman Vineet Nayar said on Friday.

“Many students of management institutes live under the myth that 100 per cent of the class will make it to the helm, which is a myth. It is that one per cent of them, who know their unique talent useful for the world, who will create magic,” Mr. Nayar said at a two-day leadership summit, ‘Breaking the Myth’, at Indian School of Business here on Friday.

Most students are busy working hard to join the herd and only few try to experiment, he added. Consistent experiment with the small things in daily life, toying with rattling ideas will inspire innovation, he said.

“The idea that large and old organisations cannot continue to be successful and compete with the modern ones is a myth. Companies like GE could survive and excel as it could sail ahead of time,” said GE’s South Asia president and CEO Banmali Agrawala.

One of the main challenges for present day business is the diminishing trust of people and increasing regulations by governments. While trade is being globalised, governments are becoming highly localised, Mr. Agrawala said. ISB Dean Ajit Rangnekar said the government should come up with logical and industry-friendly policies to boost general business.

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