Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday took time off his hectic schedule to go shopping ahead of the commencement of electioneering, which he is set to commence from next week.

A regular at a khadi clothes shop in Hyderguda for the last several years, Mr. Rao drove down to the shop with his followers and purchased 60 pairs of trousers. He spent nearly one hour chatting up with the shopkeeper and sales persons. The TRS chief is always known to buy the all-white khadi dresses in bulk from the shop. He last purchased 80 pairs of clothes on his last visit to the shop four months ago.

It is said that Mr. Rao stores his dresses at different locations, including his residences here, Karimnagar and the farmhouse near Jagdevpur, for convenience.

Mr. Rao is expected to undertake a busy election campaign by air after March 26.

A helicopter has already been engaged for the purpose. He will kickstart the campaign from the temple of Lord Venkateswara at Konaipalli in Medak district where he has been offering prayers prior to filing of nomination in every election he has been fighting since 1985.

There is an added feature to his ‘pooja’ programme this time as he would fly from Konaipalli to Mote village in Nizamabad district where he will unwrap a sack containing clay that he deposited at a temple. He had taken a vow when he placed the sack some years ago that he would open it only after Telangana achieved its statehood.

Mr. Rao has taken the preparation of the election manifesto of the party as a matter of prestige. He spent several hours discussing the contents with a committee in the last two days. Meanwhile, the party will make use of 3-D technology on the lines of the one adopted by BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi to air his public speeches at multiple locations simultaneously.


KCR discusses party manifesto with EditorsMarch 29, 2014