Disaster Relief Committee, a coalition of about 50 civil society organisations and NGOs, demanded a judicial enquiry by a High Court judge besides a CBI probe into the latest communal clashes.

At a press conference here on Thursday, different activists reasoned that the riots were engineered by certain divisive forces and not spontaneous. “This is not a riot from the people. It is a riot by certain figures who are well-trained and well-equipped,” said M. Mandal of Hum Sab Hindustani. “We should take this to the people. They should beware of professional trouble mongers.”

The committee also demanded establishing Special Fast Track Courts to prosecute and punish all those involved in the riots, including law enforcers for their “omissions and commissions”.

“In the aftermath of the disturbances, we should study why police were inactive and why they did not take proper action,” Mr. Mandal said.

The committee also condemned the government's decision to permit a religious procession when tense atmosphere prevailed and half the city was under curfew. The police gave permission without taking proper precautions to control the mobs that led to further escalation of violence, Mazher Hussain of COVA said.

O.M. Debara of Forum for a Better Hyderabad told The Hindu how he was personal witness to mob frenzy on the day of the procession. “I was just coming out of the Parsi office when there were mobs all around... I don't think this is a communal problem. This is done by some vested interests and politicians.”

During the recent riots, it was common man, especially those Below Poverty Line (BPL) who were the most affected, Anuradha of Aman Vedika pointed out.

Soon after curfew was extended to several areas of the city, DRC swung into action initiating measures to provide relief to BPL families. Relief packets containing essential provisions, sufficient for a family for about five days are currently being readied for distribution. “Already about 250 families have been provided relief since yesterday,” Quadri of Help Hyderabad said.

DRC also appealed for generous contributions from the public towards relief operations.

Efforts to restore bonds between the two communities have also been initiated. Those interested in participating in relief distribution or reconciliation efforts can contact: 9347418735, 9246563738 or 9963699000.


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