Ever thought as to how a day would be in a monk's life? There would be no mobiles, no devices, no friends, no family and no pleasures. This is what over 1,000 Jain businessmen, students, and professionals tried to be on Sunday and renounced one day from their life in a bid to attain salvation.

They lead a life of a monk as part of ‘Bhikshu Daya', a programme organised by Greater Hyderabad Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh. Sporting monks' white attire, carrying muppati (a special broom to sweep away insects from their path), they went around lanes and by lanes of Kacheguda and collected food from Jain community households and consumed it as part of the rituals. This apart, all the 1000-odd monks aged from 7 to 60 years spent the entire day listening to discourses, prayers and other religious meetings. Some give up night meals and survive only on water.

Mental peace

“A monk's journey is tough but it is really worth it to be a monk. It gives mental peace, good health and more importantly takes one close to the almighty. It is altogether a different life,” says Abay Tated, a 29-year-old businessman.

Months from July to October are considered to be holy for Jains. During this time, most Jains do rigorous fasting, spend time in religious meetings etc. The objective behind conducting this programme is to help the present generation youth understand the lifestyle of a monk and lead a pious life, said Rajendra Kimti, president of Greater Hyderabad Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh.

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