Chicken haleem is a viable alternative for those who cannot afford expensive mutton haleem

For many enthusiasts, Ramzan month is also synonymous with the mouth- watering haleem. While most people look forward to partaking this delicacy the high prices of mutton haleem is playing spoilsport. But thankfully for many, the chicken haleem is a viable alternative.

Though many people complain of the rather ‘overpriced’ mutton Haleem, makers cite the increasing costs of the ingredients as the reason for this increase in its price. Mutton haleem costs more than Rs.100 per plate in most of the outlets in the city.Along with the increase in the price of haleem, people also complain about the quantity being served. “The prices of haleem have not just increased, the amount of haleem being served is also less. We get just about 200 grams of haleem for Rs.115,” a regular buyer complains.

But while many regulars are fuming over the price rise of mutton haleem, a few hotels are sensing a business opportunity in chicken haleem. Hundreds of small hotels in areas like Bazaar Guard, King Koti, Mallepally, Golconda and old city are doing a roaring business of selling chicken haleem during the evening hours. Its cheaper price being the attraction.A plate of chicken variety is priced anywhere between Rs.20 and Rs.35. “The huge difference in the prices is a reason for a significant increase in customers flocking our hotel. The rush has almost doubled,” says Mirza Meeraj Ali Baig of King Hyderabad Haleem in King Kothi. We sell around 400 plates now, against 200 to 250 plates that we used to sell till last year, he adds.

“Visitors are not restricted to any class or creed. Everyone seems to love chicken haleem. Most of them take parcels,” says Abdul Mutaleeb of New Rex hotel at Bazaar Guard.

He claims to sell around 200 plates per day. “Though mutton haleem tastes, we cannot afford it all through the month. Instead we prefer the cheaper variety,” says Mirza Saleem, an automobile dealer at King Koti.

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