American diabetologist Ford Gilbert launches his patented Artificial Pancreas System, arguably the only clinically-proven method to stop, retard and reverse diabetes

Whether it is Type I or Type II diabetes, it is all about insulin and food management – the link between improper metabolism and poor outcomes – said Ford Gilbert, an American specialist on the disease.

Dr. Gilbert, of Trina Health in USA’s North Carolina, has a US FDA-approved patent on what is called an ‘Artificial Pancreas System’ (APS). While diabetes was a case of improper metabolism,

APS treatment would help diabetics improve their metabolism. This was the only clinically-proven method to stop, retard and reverse diabetes, Dr. Gilbert said.

The diabetologist was in the city on Tuesday to help the Narayana Multispeciality Hospital launch the APS.

Among those present were the hospital’s Facility Director Sudhaker Jadhav, senior physician, diabetologist G.J.D. Rao and Dr. Gilbert’s APS partner in India, Dan Fisher.

‘A revolution’

“The treatment marks a revolution in diabetes management.

“I get two or three new patients with diabetes every day and this speaks about the magnitude of the problem,” Dr. Rao said.

After a preliminary assessment of the patient’s condition, the treatment involves the use of a device that injects insulin in bursts, much like the pancreas, he said.

Mr. Jadhav said that the treatment was being offered for the first time in India.

It would be expanded to the 23 other hospitals of the group, in a phased manner. As of now, the treatment cost Rs. 4,000 a session and a diabetic would need a minimum of about half-a-dozen such sessions for the improvement to be registered and regular follow-up later on.

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