Bus stations, truck terminals, and railway stations in city under close vigil

Now that it has managed to make most local plastic manufacturers to change tack, GHMC is wondering on methods to tackle plastic bags of less than 40 microns arriving to the city from other places.

“We will have to keep a watch on all bus stations, truck terminals, and railway stations to ensure that plastic carry bags of less than the prescribed thickness is not brought to the city from other places,” said Additional Commissioner (Health & Sanitation) S. Aleem Basha.

Premises inspected

On Monday, senior officials led by him and also officials from the A.P. Pollution Control Board (APPCB) inspected the premises of several plastic manufacturing units at Katedan.

There are said to be at least 200 such units in the area and he claims that most had re-caliberated their respective machinery to manufacture plastic bags of prescribed thickness.

The units were found to be having substantial plastic bags of less than 40 microns stocks available (25 kg) and these have to be recycled at a considerable cost. All the manufacturers have also been told that they would have to compulsorily register with APPCB.

“All plastic bags being manufactured of prescribed thickness should have the label and address of the manufacturer besides indicating the thickness and PCB registration number,” explained Mr. Basha. Some traders and retailers too have such stocks. But the problem is with the hawkers, petty vendors, and curry points who continue to use the proscribed bags. We will focus on them soon,” he said.

Earlier in the day, GHMC Commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu during a review meeting with the officials affirmed that no plastic carry bag should be given free of cost. The rates should range between Re.1 and Rs.5 and the same displayed at the counters of the shops and business establishments. All the deputy municipal commissioners of 18 circles were told to take up regular inspections to implement the ban.

Senior officials, however, were coy about the proposal to business establishments to provide incentives for citizens bringing their own cloth/jute or other alternative bags in lieu of plastic bags. “It's up to the traders as we cannot insist on implementing it,” they said.

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