Palmatum, shade garden planned for the 70-acre park on the Lower Tank Bund road

The Palmatum and shade garden planned for the sprawling Indira Park on the Lower Tank Bund road could soon be a reality, much to the delight of the visitors and morning walkers. They are part of the ongoing improvement works in the park which had been in the state of neglect for quite some time.

A rose garden, which was proposed in the park along with the Palmatum and shade garden during August last year, is yet to be opened for visitors. Housing about 2,800 saplings of 300 varieties planted in regular intervals of tiled surface and irrigated through drip, the garden promises to be an attraction for the visitors when the saplings grow to their full spread.

The Palmatum will have 400 palms chosen from 50 to 60 varieties, which are ready to be planted. Markings are ready for the shade garden which is envisaged to be planted with shade loving shrubs in their colourful foliage.

These apart, about 70 varieties of indigenous trees have been planted in the park, in order to encourage its biodiversity. A garden with fragrant plants is in the offing, so are seasonal plants and climbers. A nursery with the strength of one lakh ornamental plants has been revived in the park, while a rock garden with a cascade, a musical fountain, and lawn re-carpeting works are in progress at various spots.

Walkers number 2,000 a day

Till a few months ago, the park had been in a dilapidated condition regularly complained about by the morning walkers who paid entry fee for their daily walks.

Close to 2,000 walkers from areas such as Musheerabad, Jawaharnagar, Ashok Nagar, Gagan Mahal, Domalguda, and Vidyanagar visit the park in the morning and evening every day.

“The lawns were desiccated, and there was overgrowth of weed, sheltering pests and snakes. Even the walking paths were littered with stones, boulders, garbage, and unlaid tiles. We would dread stepping into the park as the stench at times was unbearable. Drainage would enter directly into the park from structures around,” complained M. Srinivas, a jogger.

Of late, the GHMC has taken up heavy pruning operations, apart from laying of fresh pathways. Heavy weed growth in the lake receiving its water from the nearby Hussainsagar, has been cleared partly.

Clean toilets

The toilets which would stink due to lack of maintenance have now been handed over to Sulabh International for upkeep.

One glitch in the proper maintenance of the park is lack of manpower. The 70-acre park needs at least 100 workers for deployment at various spots, but is forced to make do with only about 45, officials said.

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