The rise in noise pollution levels is attributed to use of fire crackers during festivals

Despite subdued Deepavali celebrations and a fall in the sale of fire crackers, the city dwellers still faced an increase in the noise pollution levels, a study by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB), said.

The board, as part of its study, recorded sound pollution levels on October 29 and November 3 at Kukatpally (residential), Paradise (commercial) and Uppal (industrial) areas in the city.

The study points out to a manifold increase in the noise pollution levels across the city. Kukatpally recorded a maximum noise pollution of 112 decibels (dB) on Deepavali night while Paradise recorded 104 dB and Uppal area recorded 106 dB on the same night.

The standard levels for noise pollution in the city being 45 dB for residential areas, 55 dB for commercial areas and 70 dB for industrial areas. The minimum levels of noise pollution recorded at Kukatpally, Paradise and Uppal were 73 dB, 75 dB and 69 dB respectively.

On October 29, the maximum noise pollution was recorded as 79 dB, 87 dB and 86 dB at these places respectively. The increase in the noise pollution levels was attributed to the use of fire crackers during festivals.

The increase in noise pollution can prove to be harmful to the residents of the city, officials warned.

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