The City Light Hotel collapse has shifted focus onto historic structures in the city, and some of these include top colleges established during the Nizam’s rule, and continue to function even now with the same old appeal among the students.

Nizam College, City College, Aliya Junior College and the Osmania University College for Women in Koti are a few structures that continue to be the abodes of higher education. Over a period they might have lost charm with not the brightest of students choosing them, but physically too the age-old majestic edifices are showing signs of deterioration.

For example, the Physics block of the Women’s College, Koti collapsed two years ago forcing the authorities to suspend classes being held in that block. The block opposite to it where the Chemistry department is located too is in a dilapidated state and may crumble down.

The main block, which once used to house the British Resident in Deccan region, is in a dilapidated state. It now has only the Principal’s room with all classes shifted to other buildings.

Leakages and concrete chips falling from the roof are quite common here, says a senior teacher. However, given its heritage tag the college gets decent funding for repair works.

“This year Rs. 10 lakh was spent for repairs from the National Culture Fund to tackle the monsoon season when water leakages are common in some parts,” says Y.L. Srinivas, a senior teacher.

The main building of the Nizam College, once the city’s icon, too is affected. Shrubs and foliage jutting out from the building is a common sight apart from rainwater seeping into the walls leading to leakages. “Another building housing the health centre and NCC office is in a bad shape and its safety too is of serious concern,” says Laxman, who teaches at the college.

“Though the building looks safe there is an innate fear that it might crumble,” agrees a teacher in City College that carries lots of history with it. The college is recognised as a heritage structure and any repairs have to be carried out by the archaeological officials.

The once famed Aliya College in Gunfoundry too is in a shambles. The structure looks too weak with concrete chips falling off from the roof and pillars. Rainwater seeps into the walls during monsoon and the entire building looks miserable. Shrubs that resemble trees too emerge from the walls here.

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