Even as Sarojini Naidu’s 135th birth anniversary passes by unnoticed, her poetry drew attention to bangle sellers of Laad Bazar, whose wares continue to enthral all

Bangle sellers are we who bear/Our shining loads to the temple fair.../Who will buy these delicate, bright/Rainbow-tinted circles of light?/Lustrous tokens of radiant lives/For happy daughters and happy wives.

Not many remember Sarojini Naidu. Fewer still are aware of the magic she wove in her famous poem, The Bangle Sellers. But Laad Bazar, Hyderabad’s bangle street, continues to be chock-a-block. Thursday was no different. None perhaps remembered the 135 birth anniversary of the Hyderabadi poet.

As usual, Charminar and the area around it was abuzz with activity. Tourists and general visitors vied for the “circles of light”.

All the hues that the ‘Nightingale of India’ referred to in her poem were there to be picked – rainbow-tinted, silver, blue and mountain mist.

From virgin maidens to expectant brides and happy wives – the chudi lane remains the eves’ delight. In fact, they are spoilt for choice here.

The 300-odd shops market their ‘shining loads’ under the glitter of powerful lights. But there is no light in the life of the bangle-makers. Few know or care about the plight of the workers who slog for eight to nine hours to craft the beautiful lac bangles, embedded with colourful stones.

The different moods and events in women’s life captured so beautifully by Sarojini Naidu in her poem can still be seen at Laad Bazar. For tourists and locals alike, no shopping is complete without a visit to this picturesque street. As old as the city itself, it is a tradition well preserved.

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