The Balala Hakkula Sangham and Lotus Children’s Hospitals here will declare the opening of a mother’s milk bank on June 1, International Children’s Day, said Achyuta Rao of the Sangham. It is scheduled to actually launch operations from August 1, coinciding with the ‘World Breast-Feeding Week’.

The programme included identify young lactating mothers (who had lost their child during delivery), who would be willing to give their milk to help orphaned little children who needed mother’s milk. The whole of June and July, volunteer representatives of the sangham would undertake a campaign, he said.

The volunteer representatives would visit hospitals in the twin cities to motivate mothers to help the 80-dd children every day who needed mother’s milk, at Sishu Vihar run by the Department of Women and Child Welfare, near Ameerpet and a similar facility in Amberpet, would be from August 1.

The hospital would extend logistic support by providing the required facilities including a room, refrigerator and other equipment to take milk from lactating mothers, according to Dr. Hema of the Hospital.They would also screen the milk for infectious diseases.

The Sangham would come up with its own plan of delivering this milk to kids at both the said facilities in Ameerpet and Amberpet, said Mr. Rao.

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