Rowing Academy to be upgraded; more national, international camps will be held

The water may be stinking. But, it is still good enough to motivate die-hard rowers continue their pursuit for excellence at the highest level. The Rowing Federation of India has decided to upgrade the existing Rowing Academy at Hussainsagar (youth hostel-end) into a High Performance Training Centre.

The Rowing Federation of India (RFI) president, C.P. S. Deo, says that the decision was a natural consequence to the remarkable performances of the rowers in the last few years. “The trainees under the tutelage of coach and Dronacharya award winner Ismail Baig have always been far ahead of other rowers,” Deo exclaims.

“A positive outcome of the development is that Hyderabad will be getting more and more national and international camps in the days to come. It is a fact that the lake is a favourite destination for all the rowers. Even the Indian team preparing for the Olympic qualifiers are currently training here,” he says.

Not many cities can boast of a big lake which can accommodate an international standard 2,000 m race course right in their centre. “We have enough handicaps. But, that is not really important. We are more focussed on producing as many medallists as possible within our own limitations,” says the RFI president. A big plus for the trainees is that their health diet allowance will be substantial.

There is all round praise for Ismail Baig.

“He takes care of every need of ours even while gently reminding us of our bigger goals - to win medals at the highest level,” points out one of the rowers in the Olympic preparations camp.

“We have had the support of RFI and Mr. Deo in particular. Hyderabad has emerged as India's biggest rowing centre having bagged 24 gold, 35 silver and 48 bronze medallists at the Asian level including Asian Games,” he says.


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