Police in their hunt for property offender Jani Moosa pick up the wrong youth from Chandrayangutta

It was dead of the night when Mohd Majid woke up to the commotion in his house. He found that five to six people have entered into his house and were arguing with his family members. They were asking for one Jani Moosa and refused to reveal their identity first.

No reason given

“Later they introduced themselves as policemen and entered into the rooms, woke up my brothers, including newly married brother, Rafeeq, and took five of us, four brothers and our brother-in-law, and bundled into a waiting red Tavera vehicle and whisked us away. When we asked them they said they were policemen but did not give the reason for arresting us. We were all afraid and did not muster courage to ask them again,” Majid says.

The vehicle then took the inner ring road and reached Chandrayangutta flyover. “The vehicle stopped near the flyover and a person who covered his face with a kerchief approached us. He spoke to the police and said these are the guys. Then the vehicle proceeded,” the 16-year-old says.

It was only around 2 a.m. that the vehicle stopped at the Kukatpally police station. “We were taken inside the police station. The policemen asked me about Jani Moosa but when I said that I did not know them, one of them beat me,” says Majid.

“The police did not allow anyone of us to intervene and abused them. The policemen threatened of foisting vehicle theft cases on us,” Sajid, his brother says.

If Jani Moosa was a property offender involved in many cases, why don’t the police have his photograph, he asks.

The issue did not end here. They were made to sit in the police station till the morning. The next day the policemen again asked about Jani Moosa and wanted them to arrange the CD of the marriage function, says Majid.

In the afternoon the policemen let off his brothers and brother-in-law but detained him. They took him in a car to Santoshnagar and waited in a hotel for the videographer who covered the marriage ceremony. After he came, they saw the recording. Unable to get any clue they released us, the teenager sums up.

After the incident, the family is worried as the police said that another police party will pick up the youth.

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